Intro – The Evolution from telegraph to mobile phone in Japan.

The paper aims to examine what reasons caused Japan to become the leading role of mobile phone industry in the world by studying the evolutions from the past to present of Japan’s communication industry and also try to predict its future.

  • For the past (from nineteenth century to 1999), the paper introduces Japan’s history of telegraph and telephone services and how did government influence the infrastructure of communication services, especially focus on the creation of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Company (NTT).
  •  For the present (from 1999 to 2007), the paper introduces the breakthrough mobile Internet service – i-Mode created by NTT DoCoMo in 1999 and investigates the reasons behind its success in Japan.
  • For the future (from 2007 to the future), the paper discusses what impacts are happening since i-Phone was invented in 2007 and launched in Japan by Softbank in 2008, and what might be happened to Japan’s mobile phone market in the future.
You can find more content of paper, annotated bibliography and my final presentation at navigation or menu bar ar right side. Hope you will enjoy it! 🙂
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Posted by on June 7, 2011 in Evolutions and Trends